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31 July Telenor Quiz Answers Today 2021

Hello friends, As you know that we publish Telenor Quiz Answers every day. Today we will also answer all the questions of 31 July Telenor Quiz Answers Today 2021 or Telenor Quiz Answers Today 31 July. We answer all the questions on a daily basis, If you want to know the answers then stay with this article to know in more detail

I will provide the correct answers to My Telenor App of Test your Skills on 31 July 2021. In this article, you will not only see the answers to My Telenor quiz answers but you will see many things other as well. like if you don’t know that “How to use My Telenor App” or How to install Easypaisa App and How to use it“. All the information like that will be mention here with complete details.

How to Win Telenor Free Internet

If you are new to My Telenor App and you never use the My Telenor app before that. You should click the link to know that “How to download My Telenor app“.

Telelnor Quiz answers today

If you are already downloaded My Telenor app you just have to follow the method to reach the quiz.

  • First of all Open My Telenor App on your cell phone.
  • When you opened, here you will see a Test your Skill Button on the right side of the app.
  • Click on Test Your Skill button.
  • Now you will see all the questions on the screen.
  • These are 5 questions every question has 4 options. You have to choose any one of them.
  • You must have answered these questions correctly. If you answer a single wrong answer you will lose your reward.
  • After answering these questions you will get free 50 or 100 MBs, Which can be used within 24 hours.

31 July Telenor Quiz Answers Today 2021

You can see all the answers below but make sure you have to choose the correct option to get the reward. If you answer a single question wrong then you will be not able to win the prize.

Q-1 What is the national animal of Pakistan?
Answer No.1: Markhor

Q-2 In which Islamic month was Pakistan founded?
Answer No.2: Ramzan

Q-3 What is the national game of Pakistan?
Answer No.3: Hockey

Q-4 What is the national flower of Pakistan?
Answer No.3: Jasmine

Q-5 What is the national fruit of Pakistan?
Answer No.5: Mango

How to Get Free Data in Telenor?

1. Answers My Telenor Quiz

We have the first method is answering my Telenor quiz on a daily basis you will get a free reward. There is some term and condition that must be acceptable.

As we mention all the condition for achieving this reward is not that simple. If you want to find the correct answers to my daily Telenor quiz is providing you this golden opportunity.

2. Recharging Bonus Data

I will show you two methods, if you use them before recharging you will get free MBs and minutes for 24 hours.

Get Free Voice Minutes

As I mentioned above that you will get free voice minutes for 24 hours if you use the code I mention below you will get this offer for free without a single penny.

You have to dial this code *345*260# before recharging then you will get free minutes, now if your recharge amount is more than 100 you will get 50 minutes and 50 MB. If your recharging amount is less than 100 you will get 30 minutes. In short, if your recharging balance is less than 50 you will not get any free minutes.

Get Free Internet Data

In this method you don’t have to answer any question this is only for those who is recharging their balance. When you recharge your balance after that open My Telenor app. There you will see the” Gift icon” you just have to click on it, within a few minutes you will get this free data.

3. Claim Daily Reward in Telenor App

If you want to take daily reward from my Telenor app, first of all, you will open My Telenor App then you will see the icon Free MBs you will click on it your daily reward will start. On the first day, you will get 10 MB and on the second day you will get 30 MB and on the third day you will get 50 MB by this way at the end of the week you will get 150 MB. Keep in mind that if you miss a single day your cycle will start again and you will 10 MBs again.

4- Get Free 3 GB for Three Days

If you are a Telenor user you have to use My Telenor app to get more benefits like this reward. When you open the app one time in the week you will see a popup you have to click on it and you will get 3 GB of internet for 3 days. This offer is valid one time in a whole week.

My Telenor Quiz answers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs

Where can I find the correct answers to My Telenor Quiz answers daily? is providing you all the 31 July Telenor Quiz Answers Today 2021 on daily basis. We are working hard to provide the correct answers. I also use these answers in my Telenor app to get 50 or 100 MBs.

How can you find these Today Telenor Answer?

To find out the correct answers of 31 July Telenor Quiz Answers Today 2021, we do a lot of research to find out the correct answers. When we find the answers, we check either that is correct or not if that is correct or not then we publish it. You can use these answers without any fear because we already checked that.

How to get Telenor free internet MBs in Pakistan?

If you really want to get free internet in Pakistan, you should qualify for my Telenor quiz. Once you answer all the questions correctly you will get free 50 MB or more than that.

This Telenor quiz today’s answers are correct or not?

Telenor Quiz Today all the answers above are absolutely correct but make sure you can use it once. It means that you can use all the answers above for 31 July Telenor Quiz Answers Today 2021 only.

How much data we can get with this Telenor Quiz Today?

If you answer all the questions correctly, you will get 100 MBs data for one day, but if you take more time to answer, will get just 50 MBs. Sometimes you will get more MBs the more you answer all the question fast the more you will get the reward. For instant answers, you should add this website to your home page to get answers fast.

For what purpose you provide these Telenor Answers?

The purpose to provide these answers is only for helping people to increase their general knowledge. As usual, I use these answers in my own session. I can answer all the questions without checking because I already know that.

When you publish the latest quiz answers?

I publish daily Telenor quiz answers at midnight at 12 am every midnight when it’s updated in my Telenor app. Behind that, I do research to answer all the questions correctly and then I publish it at 12: 15 am. If you want to know all the answers you should visit our site to know all the answers.

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