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How to open an Easypaisa account- In your Cell phone 2021

Before we start that How to open an Easypaisa account, let me know that what is Easypaisa?

Easypaisa is money transferring app which you can use to send money to anyone and every where all over the pakistan. You will see the detail below that for ”How many purposes we can use Easypaisa app”.

When it was launch?

It was launched it the year of 2009. It was made for a single purpose which is money transferring. Latter it was growing and the people liked more, that’s why Easypaisa provide too many other feature’s.

Nowadays, all the feature is available in Easypaisa app which is not the only concern for single telecommunication network Telenor. It’s not necessary that you should have to be a Telenor customer.

If you’re Zong customer or any other network you can use, doesn’t matter you can still use Easypaisa app and get benefits.

How many feature’s it has?

Easypaisa have hundred and thousands of feature’s and day by day it grows. Since it was launched in the year of 2009 that haven’t enough feature like now.

Nowadays, it is use for a wide range of works, if I start to mention each and every single feature that will be not difficult but it will be impossible for me now.

But obviously, I will mention all of those feature’s which is Easypaisa famous for.

First of all Easypaisa use for money transfer that’s the first old features. Nowadays, it’s use for mobile load, bill payment, sending and receiving money on CNIC, School fees, Online admission, Online delivery payment, Restaurant bill, Rent car payment, Hiring rent payment and many more.

All the bills are included in app which is either Electricity bill, Gas bills and Wifi bill each every one you can handle just form your phone. You can complete the work of couple hours within minutes.

How to Open an Easypaisa Account?

If you want to open an easypaisa account you should have to follow below all the steps. I will properly guide you that How can you create your own account in easypaisa.

Let’s get start it. In short, I will just highlight the step after that below each and every step will be explain separately, but make sure to read the whole article then you will get the idea.

Steps to Open an Easypaisa Account

You should apply all the steps which I deeply discuss it below you just have to fallow it. Very soon you will open your own Easypaisa account.

Open the Play Store

First of all you will just open your play store in your phone and you will search ”Easypaisa app”.

You will find the Easypaisa app and there you will see the Download button you should click on it. Within two minutes your app will be download.

Open the Easypaisa App

Once the installation is completed you have to open the Easypaisa app the first a few steps you will skip it. Finally you will reach to the place where you should use your number that you want to use for your easypaisa account.

Provide your CNIC Details

Now, you have to provide your CNIC number and then CNIC Date of issue. When you provide all the data then tap next.

If you put the wrong data the process will not go ahead and you will stuck up it that place. That’s why make sure all the data when you submit it.

Select 5-digit pin code for security

Now it’s a time to choose your pin code for your Easypaisa account to be secure and save. You should have to choose pin which is difficult but you always remember it.

Easypaisa offer fingerprint sensors for security option nowadays if your smart phone is supported.

Once you activate the fingerprint the it will not ask about your password or pin you just put the figure.

Without an Easypaisa app: (using your simple phone)

Specially for Telenor customers

  • First of all you should dial *786# from your phone.
  • Then they will ask you for your five digit complicated code, for confirmation you should write it again.
  • When you confirm it your Easypaisa account will be activated.
  • If you want to send money or you want to do easy load to your number you can click on the option.

Benefits of using Easypaisa Account

There is too many benefits of using Easypaisa app. If you need balance you just send from your account within one minutes. As well you can pay any kind of payment from your account. If you pay the bill offline it will take a lot of time and you will be too tired.

Without any complication you can just pay anything within a single minute.


If you want to create your own Easypaisa account that was the process which I discuss deeply above. You should use this app to get more benefits.

If you read this article you must have to share your experience with us that will be more helpful for us. Use the comment section below and if you do like this article you must have to share with your friend and family to get more benefits.