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How to Check Telenor Balance SMS Minutes & Internet With all Codes

If you want to know all about Telenor balance SMS and internet codes you can see below the complete details.

Most of the time we face a problem when we check the balance SMS and minutes code. Today we are going to show you all the codes. You can easily check and everything in Telenor sim.

Always keep it mind that you don’t have to dial any wrong code because it will lost your balance. Almost every code you dial is made for some package activation like smart tune, sports and many other packages.

How to check Telenor Balance SMS Minutes and Internet codes

If you want to check out your remaining minutes, SMS, and MBs. You can see the codes that will help you to check your remaining data.

Balance checking tex


Check your Remining SMS

If you activated SMS package and you want to know that how much SMS do you have?

Do you like to insure the number of SMS you have. For this you have to just dial the code and you will see the complete details.

Check your remining SMS by dialing the code *111# you will see all the details of your remining SMS. If you don’t check the remining SMS then you will lost your all balance.

It doesn’t means that you check it again and again because it will charge you on Rs.0.20+Tax per time.

Check your Remining Minutes

As you understood about how to check SMS in Telenor. Almost same is the way you will dial the code and latter you will receive SMS about your details.

You have to dial the code that is specially made for checking minutes Inquiry Code: *222#.

Balance inquire codes

Always keep it mind, that if you don’t check your remining minutes you will loos your balance. All the minutes which you used out of package that will be consider in a standard rate.

Check your Remining Internet MBs

Eventually, If you check out the remining MBs details you should dial the code for Internet Inquiry Code: *999# (Internet).

Once you dial the code you will see the text within a few second. You will see all the data which you used as well your remining MBs with expiry date.

It’s really important to know that how much data you have. If you don’t know and you used a single MB of internet it will charge you more then 3 PKR.

Now think within a few minutes your balance will be finish. Some time company reward you 50MBs are more then that. Once you on the data your MBs will finish within second.

How to Check all these Online

If you are Telenor customer you should have to install my Telenor app. Once you login to the app then you can do it each and everything.

You can see your remaining balance, SMS, Minutes, and Internet MBs. Using my Telenor app is more beneficial for everyone to get more benefits. It is a multi-purpose app. That can be used for many different tasks like purchasing online packages and many more.

Check Remaining SMS, Minutes & Internet

For SMS Rs. 0.24 excluding taxes*111#
For Minutes Rs. 0.24 excluding taxes*222#
For Internet Rs. 0.24 excluding taxes*999#


If you want to just know the code you can see the table all the codes are available there. OR if you want to know that how to use it, then you can use the article to know that. How to check balance, SMS, minutes, and SMS by dialing any particular code.

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